Ordering Online & Delivery

***TOAST does not charge fees for ordering online.***

Moshi Moshi Online Ordering for pick-up only. Lunch service is Tuesday- Friday from 11:30 am to 1:15 pm AND dinner service is Monday – Saturday 5:00 pm to 8:45 pm.

Moshi uses TOAST Online Ordering -which is the system that our servers use to relay orders to the kitchen. The menu on the TOAST platform has expanded descriptions of dishes and has expanded allergen information. Toast allows patrons to order and pay online; pick-up can be at the door or curbside. Curbside patrons, please call with vehicle information upon arrival.

Staff will take orders over the phone. Due to limited staff please allow extra time when ordering by phone. If you are a cash customer and can not use the online system- we recognize you. Please call us and we will set up a cash payment for you. Moshi is not keeping any change on-premise so we ask that you have the exact change when picking up your order. 1-415-861-8285

Moshi is taking orders in-store. Last orders in-store LUNCH at 1:15 pm; DINNER at 8:45 pm.

DELIVERY: A very limited menu is offered through DOORDASH, GRUBHUB, and UBER EATS.

Patrons have been asking us about our delivery partners more recently because of the backlash these third-party delivery sites like Door Dash, Caviar, Amazon, and Uber (just to name a few) have been receiving due to the percentage they charge per order.

Moshi Moshi made the decision a while ago that we could not afford to pay the fees associated with the delivery apps at our disposal. We decided to concentrate our funds on providing a better experience in-store like buying specialty whiskies or offering specialty soy sauces and wasabi. Decisions like that do not turn a big profit but give our dining patrons a more fulfilling and interesting experience. And we felt that was better than spending money on having our services delivered.

Moshi ended up signing a contract with Postmates because they were a newer, local, start-up at the time of signing so the fees on our side were much lower than other platforms. Because of our long relationship with Postmates they have tried to keep our fees at a minimum. But as their fees increased, we adjusted prices and removed items with lower profit margins on Postmates to offset the loss.

During the pandemic, Moshi added Caviar and Doordash to the list of delivery partners.

Moshi does NOT contract with GrubHub. That company added our menu to their site without our permission.

Moshi does not receive any part of delivery fees or service fees imposed by delivery partners nor do we receive any of the tips left for delivery workers. The delivery services are third-party vendors. Moshi contracts with delivery services to make deliveries on our behalf. You contract with them to order for you and deliver it to you.

Moshi encourages you to order from one of the delivery partners if you need a delivery. Moshi accepts the fee that our businesses have negotiated. We just ask that our patrons recognize the reason why Moshi is not able to offer our complete menu, why Moshi does not offer modifications or special requests, and why sometimes the prices might differ.

Order Food Delivery with DoorDash