Bartender Service Is Here!

I must start by thanking everyone that has ordered and has shared encouraging words. Everyone at Moshi really appreciates all you do and say. But! I am very excited to announce Bartender Service is back at Moshi.

Moshi has asked the bar staff to come back and mix up some made-to-order cocktails for our online patrons. Unless noted, all of our cocktails will be made to order and packaged in a sealed glass jar for your enjoyment at home. Moshi recommends you choose to pour it on ice or up in a cocktail glass but straight from the vial is ok too.

If you are ordering through the Toast Takeout App, scroll and select “BAR” menu button. If you are using Toast Online thru a web browser it is a little awkward and frustrating, but go to the drop down “Choose A Menu”, then choose “BAR”.

Thank you and have a safe holiday.